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LI# 921207 (Required by CA)

Autos, RV’s & Boats
(Large or Small)
Our tint reduces 99% of harmful 
UV rays. Cool down your vehicle 
or Boat.

MADE IN THE SHADE Custom Window Tinting

is a business licensed, fully insured, sellers permitted, bonded, contractor licensed, drug and felon-free, legal American window tinting company.

We have over 20 years of experience in the window tinting industry and have received many awards which include: Award for Loyalty and Dedication by Llumar, 3 Certificates of Achievement by ProCar Beauty etc...

We have also been interviewed, finger printed and have passed tests required by vendors and the State of California.

Commercial & Residential
Be the solution to the energy crisis, not the problem.
    -Reduces Glare & Heat!
    -Reduces Fading.
    -Save on Energy Bills.
Custom Tint &
Tail Lights
Want tinted headlights without permanently coloring the lens? 
Safety &
Safety Films are used on all government buildings for bomb blast protection.  Anti-Graffiti film works on all flat surfaces. When scratched, it’s easy and cheaper to just replace film instead of window.Safety.html

We use high quality products to ensure high quality tinting jobs.

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California Law for window tint can be found at: |Click Here|

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